What is TREELINE®?

TREELINE® is a fully equipped wood and metal workshop, reclaimed lumber yard and design studio serving the Greater Los Angeles area fabricators, interior designers, architects, homeowners, contractors and hobbyists. We specialize in custom one-off fabrication & large scale production of furnishings and flooring for commercial, hospitality and residential use.

What are your hours?

Our shop, yard, and showroom is open Monday through Friday, 9AM to 4:30PM, and Saturdays from 9AM to 12PM. We are closed on Sundays and major holidays.
Free In-shop Design & Production Consultation is available Monday through Saturday, 9AM to 12PM.

Where are you located?

We are located at 3001 North Coolidge Avenue STE B, Los Angeles, California 90039 — View in Google Maps︎
Please enter through the main yard and enter through the double doors marked Suite B.

Where is your furniture made?

All of our pieces are carefully crafted in our Los Angeles workshop.

Do you do design consultation?

We offer free consulation and estimates in our showroom during our Design and Production Consultation hours. We can also do in-home or on-site consultation for a charge. Come by, drop an email or book an appointment online.

Where can I park?

You can park in our yard or street parking is also available.
(Keep an eye out for street cleaning days!)

Can you sell me just the lumber?

Yes, of course! If you are a home DIY-er, a workshop or a contractor, we can meet your needs. We have a rotating stock of over half a million board feet of salvaged and recycled woods. Please note that availability of specific sizes and types of reclaimed woods can vary based on our demolition and production projects. 

Why use reclaimed wood?

We love the way things used to be and the America that once was. We hate to see perfectly great things thrown away especially when they have survived the test of time, the greatest force of nature. And we do not want to cut down more trees to pursue our craft. Oh, and did we mention it all looks so good? We salvage wood that is close to 70–100 years old from renovation and demolition projects. This ensures we are building things that draw from the quality of the materials that old, turn age into their strength and can carry the legacy of the past into the future

How do you find lumber?

We salvage wood from various sources, anywhere from old homes being renovated in the Los Angeles area to larger scale demolition projects all over the country. We are always striving to better our network so we can preserve more of this age old lumber in the States and provide you with quality materials. One of our largest undertakings has been a cold storage building in Stockton, CA that was built in 1912. We find it only appropriate to have stumbled upon it a century later to salvage the old America and turn its legacy into the things we make. We are confident you will approve of it.

Are there bugs in the material?

We treat all our woods for termites. Reclaimed woods are known to have some form of fungus but that is responsible, at times, for the natural patina of the wood. Some of our lumber is also kiln dried. Customers are encouraged to do their own research.

What is a board foot?

One board foot (bf) is a measurement of volume that we use to measure our wood. Mathematically, 1 bf is the volume of wood that is: 1 ft long x 1 ft wide x 1 in thick. If a board is 1 ft long, 1 ft wide and 2 in thick, it consists of 2 board feet.

How do I place an order?

For custom fabricated pieces, start by filling out our CUSTOM FORM. We request any and all reference photos, renders, sketches, and any other relevant information on your non-negotiables (material, finishes, style of build, constraints on transportation, installation, etc.) you may have.
For some items, visit our SHOP page.
For lumber, please visit our yard to see our selections or give us a call for availability.

Can I change my order?

Changes can be easily made until we actually start on your order. Please note that after fabrication has started, there could be additional costs depending on the type of change made to the order. Typically, we do not start on the order for at least 3 days or until confirmation on the specs, whichever is first. Changes made in the case of rush orders may affect promised lead time.

Can I cancel my order?

Please get in touch with us as soon as possible! Typically, we do not start on the order for at least 3 days or until confirmation on the specs, whichever is first.

Can I expedite my order?

Yes, based on the order and our current workload we can advise on feasibility and associated charges for rushing your order. Please feel free to discuss these options at the time of placing the order.

Is there a minimum order size?

For lumber, our minimum order amount is $50.
For custom work, we don't have any minimums but volume run does help in saving costs.
Our laser, CNC and wide belt machine time and general labor minimums vary. Please feel free to get in touch with us and we would be happy to assist you in building you a quote.

How can I order wood samples?

To order wood samples please contact us. We can tailor our samples to fit your needs. Please note that with all rustic furniture there are natural blemishes and imperfections which makes each piece unique and one of a kind.

Do you make table legs/bases?

We can make a variety of bases. You can see some of our past projects here.

Is everything in stock?

We make everything to order, from milling lumber to creating custom pieces. We do maintain a small stock of some items. All raw lumber is available the same or next day. Our typical lead times for fabrication items are 4-6 weeks but that may fluctuate based on our current work load.

Care and maintainance instructions?

Care instructions vary from piece to piece. Please consult with us if you have concerns over a specific piece. Please see below for some general care instructions:
    Wood cutting boards need to be maintained with food grade clear minerals oils or waxes.    
    Our table and counter tops are coated with flat water-based polyurethane (unless otherwise noted) that does not require any special cleaning solutions or other maintenance in an indoor setting.
    Exterior wooden pieces require frequent maintenance (sanding and recoating exterior grade clear coat) based on exposure, type of wood, etc. The only maintenance free wood option for exterior use is teak.
    Patina'd metal may show signs of oxidation if in continued exposure to moisture or if the top coat is worn off or damaged in any way. Top coat can be recoated per your preference.
    If you can, please limit or discontinue use of harsh chemicals, such as bleach, ammonia, alcohol or acetone based products, etc. on and near our pieces.

What woods and finishes do you have?

We maintain a good stock in reclaimed oak and reclaimed douglas fir. We also stock some new woods, e.g., walnut, maple and white oak. We can bring in other materials, e.g., melamine, veneers, plywoods, MDF, hardwoods, etc. on a need basis.
As for finishes, we do offer some standard choices for our tabletops and metal work. We mix our own wood stains and can achieve approximately a 90% match to a provided photograph or guarantee a match to a physical sample.
Metal can be patina'd, painted, powder coated or electroplated.

Can I provide my own materials?

Sometimes. Please reach out to us if we are able to accommodate your request. We will charge for labor and machine time only, in that case.

What is your return policy?

We can not think of any reason why you would want to return anything to us but just in case you do: 
    Contact us before returning any items
    Pre-made home goods are returnable within 30 days of purchase, if in new conditio
    15-50% restocking fee applied to lumber return, if in original condition
    No returns on custom built pieces
    No returns on custom milled lumber
    Exchanges are possible but not guaranteed
    We are not responsible for shipping charges

What is your limited warranty?

Yes, we do offer a limited warranty on our work. We strive for you to have the best experience with us. Please read more here.

What are your shipping charges and how is it shipped?

We offer free curbside delivery in L.A. area (35 miles max from our yard) on Lumber for any order over $500.
Some of our custom pieces include delivery and/or installation, unless otherwise noted.
We maintain relationships with these companies and pick the carrier based on their specific strengths for delivering various types of piece(s):
  • UPS
  • FedEx
  • DHL
  • For larger pieces and orders, we use palletized shipping services or white glove delivery companies.

My order was lost or damaged. What can I do?!

In case your order was lost by the shipping company, please contact us immediately. We will start working on a replacement order for you ASAP.
In case your order was damaged, there are a few options. Either you can keep or dispose of the original piece(s) as you wish and we will start working on a replacement order for you ASAP. Or, if feasible, we may also request to arrange pickup and redelivery on the damaged piece(s) so we can repair them for you at no additional charge. All our shipments are insured and we will work with the shipping company to resolve the situation. We may need you to communicate with the shipping company briefly during the claims process.

What are your lead times?

We make everything to order, from milling lumber to creating custom pieces. Our typical lead times for fabrication items are 4-6 weeks but that may fluctuate with happenings at the shop and our current work load.
Please see below for typical lead times on other services:
  • Same or next day for raw lumber
  • 2-3 days for straight edging lumber
  • 1-2 weeks for custom milled lumber
  • 6-8 weeks on wood and metal fabrication
  • Larger orders have longer lead time
  • Rush service also available and additional

What are your payment terms? How can I pay?

You are welcome to pay online, in person, by mail or over the phone.
We accept credit and debt cards, checks and bank transfers.
Card payments over $2000 incur additional 3% service surcharge.
Check payments are requested to be Cashier's Check. Balance payments by checks are requested to be Cashier's Check or Bank Transfer only.

Our complete payment terms can be found here.

Do you offer trade discount?

TREELINE® strives to support local professionals working in our industry. We are proud to offer a Trade Discount Program to interior designers, contractors, architects and others in the design trade.
Our discounts range from 5-15% based on whether the item is a production piece or custom design and volume.
Contract, private label and large quantities are individually reviewed and priced at net.

To inquire about a this program, please contact us via email: hello@treeline.la

Do you require a deposit?

For a fabrication order, at a normal pace of production, we require a 50% deposit to commence production and the rest plus taxes, freight, installation charges, etc. (if applicable) are due upon completion of the order. 
Payment in full requested for following services prior to production: 
        Rush orders
        Prototyping or samples
        Lumber orders (raw or milled)
        Orders totaling less than $1000

Do you deliver upstairs/inside?

Our delivery service drops off to your curbside only unless previously agreed upon. In case you are interested in inside delivery, we can get you in touch with our white glove delivery partners. Please have all relevant information such as hallway/doorway/elevator dimensions, building insurance, loading dock location and times, etc. ready. 
Please note that after hour deliveries are possible at times but not always.

Do you install?

Yes, we offer on-site installation on some products. Rates are based on size of crew needed.
Installation charges include travel, loading and unloading, fitting of material, on-site painting and post install touch-ups. Materials needed to complete install not included in the original fabrication invoice will be sent separately.
We do not offer flat rate installation on any product, only an estimated time (hours or days) as a lot of other factors that may influence our work are beyond Treeline's control. Any additional days charged for but not needed on site are refunded to the payment method provided.

Can I pick up my order?

Absolutely. Pick up can be arranged for any time during our business hours. You have 1 week to pick up or request delivery on your order. After that period, your order may incur storage fees.

What if my furniture does not fit?

Customers are responsible for confirming the desired dimensions of their piece(s).
Customers are also responsible for verifying building access and all entry measurements (doorways, stairwells, elevators, etc.) in case delivery is requested.
Additional delivery charges may be assessed for walkups or extra time spent if the furniture does not fit via normal means.
We can not offer any refunds on furniture that does not fit. Original shipping fees will not be credited.
Additional charges will apply if modifications need to be made to the piece(s) for redelivery.

M-F — 8-1
SAT — 9-12

M-F — 2-4.30