What is Treeline Woodworks ®?

Nestled in the Elysian Valley, next to the Los Angeles river, we build furniture that we love. We hope you love it too.

We find it a privilege to be based in one of the strongest cities in this country for manufacturing. We believe in creating a sensible supply chain, developing new processes for treating age old materials and building an elegant product that will stand the test of time. All of our wood is reclaimed and our metal is rolled in the US. From our designs to our practices, we pursue ways to let reclaimed materials go beyond the rustic and business as usual can be the only thing we leave in the past.

Okay, Who are you really?

  • Ad Sachan  An engineer by education, designer by disposition and an adventurer at heart, Ad finds life exciting when he is getting to build things better. Coming by way of socially and environmentally conscious businesses, Ad is the instigator behind Treeline Woodworks and makes sure it is the best it can be. On a typical day, you can find him downing endless cups of coffee doing anything from designing the next piece to locating the next source of lumber to exploring newer markets. Favorite things in the world: the road and letting his dogs off the leash.

Why reclaimed wood?

We love the way things used to be and the America that once was. We hate to see perfectly great things thrown away especially when they have survived the test of time, the greatest force of nature. And we do not want to cut down more trees to pursue our craft. Oh, and did we mention it all looks so good?

We salvage wood that is close to 70–100 years old from renovation and demolition projects. This ensures we are building things that draw from the quality of the materials that old, turn age into their strength and can carry the legacy of the past into the future.

How do you find it?

We salvage wood from various sources, anywhere from old homes being renovated in the Los Angeles area to larger scale demolition projects all over the country. We are always striving to better our network so we can preserve more of this age old lumber in the States and provide you with quality materials.

One of our latest undertaking has been a cold storage building in Stockton, CA that was built in 1912. We find it only appropriate to have stumbled upon it exactly a century later to salvage the old America and turn its legacy into the things we make. We are confident you will approve of it.

Do you sell just lumber?

If you are a home DIY-er or a larger workshop, we are pretty sure we can meet your needs. We always keep a healthy stock on us but availability does vary based on our demolition and production projects. We clean and denail all the lumber for you and offer additional services like milling, planing & cutting services as well at an affordable cost.

Check out our lumber yard at yard.treeline.la or come visit us. We recommend the latter but get in touch with us either way and we would love help you get pricing and availability.

How Do I get in touch with you?

For sales, rentals, showroom inquiries and custom requests please contact: A     3001 N Coolidge Ave, Los Angeles CA 90039
E     hello [at] treeline.la
P     +1 855 593 9757
F     +1 323 271 4160

Hours of operation: Monday–Friday 9–4.30